Ultimate Ukulele Strumming Course

Strumming can be hard. I know that it was for me when I was learning. This collection of four courses is designed to help you learn everything you’ll need to be able to play, and understand a variety of rhythms and music styles while applying new techniques to give...

Basic Strumming

Learn the ins and outs to basic ukulele strumming technique and how to create your own strumming patterns. (eBook + 6 videos) 368.4 MB Download


Learn techniques such as the chunk, accents, sweeps, and more and how to apply them to strum patterns from all genres of music. (eBook + 21 videos) 1.4 GB Download

Jazz & Swing Strumming

Using the 12 bar blues and an original jazz tune called “Uke Got Rhythm”, this course walks through all of the steps to demystify jazz and swing strumming. (eBook + 10 videos) 891.6 MB Download

Ghost Note Strumming

The reason I play a High G ukulele is because of this technique. You’ll learn how to incorporate your thumb into your strumming to create that iconic virtuosic sound, along with several example patterns and progressions to get you rolling. (eBook + 9 videos) 686 MB...