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On Demand Lessons

Matt partnered with Ukulele Underground to bring you fun ways to learn ukulele ON DEMAND! Whether it’s a full course of strumming lessons, YouTube Webcam Sessions or specialty workshops, you’ll find great instruction to take your ukulele playing further.


This collection of four courses is designed to help you learn everything you’ll need to be able to play, and understand a variety of rhythms and music styles while applying new techniques to give your ukulele playing a new dimension of sound.

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Basic Strumming Course
Basic Strumming Course
Basic Strumming Course
Swing & Jazz Strumming Course
Swing & Jazz Strumming Course

Check out the all new weekly YouTube video series in partnership with UU where Matt covers concepts and techniques that he often works on in his private lessons.

Episode 1


Episode 3


Episode 2


Episode 4


And while we’re talking about Ukulele Underground, be sure to check out the full session of Duos with Matt and Aldrine Guerrero.